** Renate, Megan, Timothy and Mario Claeys welcome you to Totally Claeys!! ** Another major project by maR1o! ** This site was finally launched on 6 December 2006 by Mario Claeys. ** Please feel free to drop your remarks and suggestions: go to "contact" and use the links to contact us by direct e-mail. ** Timothy is in excellent condition after his 3rd heart surgery that was performed on Oct, 7th 2010. ** Please check section EVENTS for the last updates.. ** Totally Claeys is not liable for any information or statements given on this web site. ** Scheduled dates are based on best estimates. ** Trusting this source is your own responsibility. ** you also spend to much time watching this nonsense.....**


Timothy's 1st ride !!!! breaking news

Megan's 3rd swimming certificate pictures!!

Explanation heart failure Timothy

Bike/Car for sale huge discounts! ...

Upcoming Birthdays
1 Nov - Renate
25 Nov - Mario
3 Dec - Megan
14 Dec - Timothy

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We are very pleased to welcome you to the site of Totally Claeys. Totally Claeys is formed by Mario, Renate, Megan and Timothy Claeys, living in Lelystad (NL).
In a few months time the family will be moving to Germany in the Duesseldorf area.
Here you will find some background information about our family, a lot of photographs and useful but most of all useless links.


Especially for those happy few who are interested to gaze at pictures we have opened the photogallery. Here you can find the most up-to-date snapshots giving you an idea of what is going on in our humble life. If you want to be notified as soon as new pictures have been added to the gallery please sign up for the notification email. See photo gallery.

TIMOTHY is doing great!

Shortly after Timothy's birth a very serious heart condition was found and therefore a live saving heart surgery was neccesary, followed by a second surgery on May, 29th 2007. The 3rd operation was succesfully done at 7 October 2010.
See Events for a frequently update on his condition.

At this moment Timothy has recovered completely and is in excellent shape!
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